It’s Fall at BCM!

It’s so great to see our guests back at the museum!

Wednesdays through Saturdays are filled with smiles and laughter again.  We hope to see you join us soon during either our 9 AM – 12 PM time period or 1 PM – 4 PM time period. We will close from 12 PM – 1 PM to allow for a thorough sanitizing and reset of the museum. Tickets must be purchased online and in advance before visiting the museum.

Homeschool Workshops start this week here at the museum and continue for 7 weeks each Wednesday at 1PM.  Our workshops include hands-on experiments and activities, social interaction with other students, and a fun way to bring to life what they are working on at home with you.  To registration online and learn more, click here. 

Fall 2020 Class Series Details
​October 7 – Origami <– This week
Origami, an acient artform, can impact today’s education by improved spatial perception and improving logical and sequential thinking. Origami introduces the use of symmetry and utulizing measurments, fractionsn and proportions. It also introduces geometry with 3D shape comprehension and challending students in problem solving.

October 14 – Circuit Cards
October 21 – Squishy Circuits
October 28 – LEGO® WeDo Robotics
November 4 – Engineering with Rigamajigs
November 11 – Up, Up and Away!
November 18 – Wild Weather

  1. Birthday Parties are continuing to be scheduled online through the museum website. We have reorganized our birthday time periods to include an hour between each party for the museum and classroom reset. Learn More HERE.
  2. Members, you must sign in to your membership account to purchase your tickets and receive your discount. If you are having issues with your password or your membership has expired, please give us a call.
  3. All visitors 10 years old and older must wear a mask or face covering while visiting the museum. Tickets must be purchased in advance online before entry into the building.